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Auto Air Conditioning Repair - Traverse City, MI 49686 - Recharge - Is your auto air conditioning system blowing cold air? If your A/C system isn't ice cold, you could need your air conditioning recharged!

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Wondering Why Your Auto Air Conditioning isn’t blowing cold air? Think Your A/C System may need a Recharge?

There could be several reasons that cause your auto air conditioning system to stop blowing cold air. One of the most common ones is that it’s probably low on refrigerant (often called freon).

On older vehicles, the air conditioning systems held 3 to 4 pounds of refrigerant and sometimes even more. That meant if the system was low 3-4 ounces (or about 1/4 pound) the system would still blow cold air.

On today’s cars, the A/C systems only hold about one pound of refrigerant and sometimes even less. That means if your air conditioning system leaks that same 3-4 ounces (or about 1/4 pound) the system is way too low to create the cooling required to blow cold air.

Is your car air conditioning just blowing warm air? You could do costly damage if you continue to operate the system because the A/C Compressor isn’t getting proper lubrication.

Get your auto A/C system checked and recharged at SHOP in CITY. Just stop in and visit your trusted auto service – pick up the phone and call us now at PHONE – or book your service appointment on line now – even if it’s 2:00am Sunday morning!


How Do I Know If My Car Air Conditioning Is Working?

Your Car’s A/C System – How Do I Know My Car Air Conditioning System Needs Recharging of Has A Problem?

Do you ask yourself or wonder, “How do I know if My Car Air Conditioning is Working?”

Your car’s temperature control system – which includes both air conditioning and heating systems – include several components that must work together in order to provide you with a comfortable drive.

In a lot of cases, regular maintenance of your A/C System and an A/C Recharge will keep your system in good working order.

On the other hand, ignoring maintenance and small repairs could lead to major repairs.
Here’s a list of the most common indications that your car’s air conditioning system will require service, repair or recharging.

How Do I Know If My Car Air Conditioning Is Working?  Auto AC problems? Is the air coming from your car's vents the same temperature as it is outside? Is the air only slightly cool? This indicates your car air conditioning system needs service - See the auto A/C experts!

Auto AC Not Working? Is the air from the vents only slightly cool?

    • If after running your car air conditioning for a couple of minutes, the dash vents blow air that is only slightly cooler than the outside air. This is an indication of a low charge and you should not continue to operate the system.


    • When operating your auto A/C, the air that does blow through your dash vents smells damp, musty, or like mildew and mold.


    • When you turn your Car A/C System on, you feel as though your engine may stall or you hear unfamiliar noises – like grinding noises.
How Do I Know If My Car Air Conditioning Is Working?  Noises from your auto air conditioning? That's an indication your A/C system needs attention!

Does your auto A/C system make noise when you turn it on?

    • Your car air conditioning cools your car only when driving – and not when idling at stop lights or when the car is stationary.


        • Your auto air conditioning system is erratic and blows cold – then warm – then cold again – and you don’t have good or accurate control over the temperatures.
How Do I Know If My Car Air Conditioning Is Working? Low refrigerant charge or not enough freon can cause problems with your car's A/C system - Have your auto A/C checked and your air conditioning won't let you down!

In some cases, a simple recharge can fix your car’s air conditionin

    • The airflow out of the dash vents feels very low – even at the highest fan speeds


If you suspect problems with your car’s heating, the most common indicators that you do have problem are:

  • The passenger compartment or cabin of your vehicle doesn’t warm up properly in cold weather – or it warms up and is only just a little warmer than outside
  • When trying to clear a fog on the inside of the windshield, the defroster takes longer than normal to operate or does not clear the fog at all.

If you’re experiencing any of these conditions – consider them as indicators that your car’s temperature control system is in need so attention.

We have the experienced and certifies technicians to repair your auto air conditioning system and assure that your car A/C is properly charged to keep you comfortable – no matter how hot the day gets.

My Car Air Conditioning isn’t Blowing Cold. Can I Cause Damage if I Run it Anyway?

Yes! Believe it or not, you can cause a lot of damage. In fact, you can do damage in two different ways. Here’s why.

First of all, if your car’s A/C System isn’t cooling, it’s probably low on refrigerant. That’s typically because of a leak. But understand this – the refrigerant that keeps you cool also provides cooling for the air conditioning (AC) compressor. So if you continue to run your car’s A/C when it’s not cooling, you could be overheating your compressor.

You can damage your car A/C compressor if you run the air conditioning when it's blowing cold air!

Typical car air conditioning compressor and clutch assembly

Secondly, understand that your A/C System circulates oil. That oil is in the system to lubricate the compressor. In fact, that’s the only reason your car air conditioning system has oil – for compressor lubrication.

Therefore, if the system isn’t cooling, it’s probably low on refrigerant. That means the compressor isn’t getting the proper cooling – but it’s not getting the proper lubrication (compressor oil) either!

Also know that if you continue to run your air conditioning system when it’s not cooling or blowing cold air, you WILL do damage and the system will NOT start getting cool on it’s own.

Your best bet is to book a service appointment and let us determine the real problem with your A/C system. With just a few tests for pressures, compressor operation and leaks, we’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong!


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