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Tune up – Spark Plugs – Engine Repair- Traverse City, MI 49686 What’s a Tune Up Today?

Your car is a complicated piece of machinery with over 2,970 parts. A tune up is the basic service that helps assure all of those parts are working together.

Tune up and Engine Service - How often should I get a tune up for my car? What's included in a tune up?

Basic tune up can prevent a lot of problems with your car

Although the term “Tune Up” is considered somewhat outdated, it’s used to describe a service procedure that’s supposed to make an engine run better. But there isn’t an absolute definition of what exactly a tune-up should include

Most would agree that it involves replacing the spark plugs and fluids while performing other adjustments to maintain or restore like-new engine performance.

In reality, there isn’t much to adjust under the hood of most late model cars. Ignition timing is fixed and controlled by the engine computer; likewise is the idle speed and fuel mixture.

A lot of the tune up functions involve checking timing, idle speed and a variety of emission functions to make sure everything is functioning within factory specifications.

What’s a Tune Up All About?

In most cases, when car owners talk about getting a tune-up, it’s usually because their experiencing some type of drivability problem

  • Is your vehicle getting hard to start?
  • Do you notice that you’re not getting the gas mileage that you once did?
  • Does your car hesitate or stall?
  • Is the engine knocking or not running with the same zip and power it used to?
  • Has your vehicle failed an emissions test?

We’ve listed the most common complaints, but not all. In most cases, these conditions are solved with an engine performance analysis and a new set of spark plugs too.

Are Tune-Ups Good Maintenance?

Typically, a maintenance type tune-up will include a new set of spark plugs. That will usually make the car easier to start. The spark plugs should also improve the fuel economy or gas mileage as well as lower emissions.

In most cases, car owners find that a basic maintenance tune-up will restore the lost zip and power that’s been deteriorated because of worn or fouled spark plugs.

However, understand that if the problem lies elsewhere, a new set of plugs alone won’t do the trick. A “tune-up” under these circumstances would be a waste of time and money.

That’s why we suggest booking your next service appointment and letting our experienced technicians diagnose the problem you’re having.

Right now, you can book your next service online – it’s fast, easy and convenient too!

Getting a Tune Up for My Car

Thinking You Need a tune up for my car? How to Tell If I Need a Tune Up For My Car

According to the vehicle manufacturer, you should be doing a tune-up according to their recommended service intervals.

Typically, they recommend a long list of parts for replacement including spark plugs, spark plug wires, various ignition components and a variety of adjustments.
For maximum fuel economy and performance, it’s a good idea to maintain the vehicle manufacturer’s tune-up schedule.

Should I Get a Tune Up More Often?

In some cases, depending on your vehicle, it’s age and your particular driving habits, you may require a tune-up more often than your owner’s manual stated.

Do you drive in extreme conditions? Is your mileage getting higher? Is your car getting harder to start? Do you experience hesitate on acceleration or find that there’s increased tailpipe smoke or emissions? How is your fuel economy?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself and start to listen to what your car is telling you.

These are all signs that your car should have a tune-up – regardless of what your owner’s manual states as recommended service intervals.

How Often Do I Need a Tune Up?

Is your car hard to start? Does it hesitate when you try to accelerate? Does your car stall? Bad fuel economy?

Are you wondering “How often do I need a Tune Up?

To keep your car running properly, it’s important to understand that there are a variety of interdependent systems – systems that rely on each other in order to work properly.

Doing periodic maintenance will help them all perform at their peak efficiency. This periodic maintenance is usually referred to as a ‘Tune-Up’.

How often do I need a tune up? Worn or fouled spark plugs could leave your engine running poorly!

Worn or fouled spark plugs could leave your engine running poorly!

Tune-ups are especially important in today’s world where fuel economy and emissions are so important. Depending on the type of vehicle you are driving, the kind of driving you do and the age of your car, the time between tune ups can vary. Knowing when to perform one or take your car to the shop can save you time and money.

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