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Fuel Injection Service

Fuel injector service and cleaning - trouble starting your car? Poor gas mileage? Keep your car's fuel injectors clean!

FUEL Injection SERVICE Traverse City, MI 49686

Does your car suffer from poor power, performance or bad fuel economy? It could be a fuel injector. Your car’s engine is supplied fuel using a fuel injector. The fuel injector’s only function is to provide a fine, continuous spray or mist of gasoline. But it’s important that the fuel injector provides the correct amount of gas.


For the most part, fuel additives are largely ineffective. They only target the fuel injectors and do not do enough to clean away difficult carbon build up.

Maintaining clean fuel injectors is critical to the performance and the proper operation of your car. When fuel injectors get dirty or clogged with debris, they will not spray the fuel evenly.

On the other hand, a clean fuel injector and fuel delivery system maintains proper engine performance and provides you with better gas mileage.

Warning signs of faulty or dirty fuel injectors or problems with your fuel system:

  • Your car is getting poor gas mileage
  • You’re experiencing poor acceleration or performance
  • You have trouble starting your car
  • You feel like your car is going to stall


Fuel Injection Service - Fuel Injector Cleaning - Trouble starting your car? Poor gas mileage? You may need a simple fuel injector service!

Fuel Injectors are just one part of the entire fuel system

Your car’s fuel system is a complex system to deliver the correct amount of gas to the engine without wasting any – or giving you bad fuel economy.

The most critical parts of your fuel system that you should pay attention to are:

Air Cleaner: the only way dirt and debris gets into your car’s engine is when the inlet air filter is dirty. The air cleaner should be checked at every oil change and replaced as required. Your air filter should be replaced at least every 30,000 miles – and more frequently when you’re driving in dirty, dusty or rural conditions, often referred to as severe conditions.

Fuel Filter: Note that every vehicle has a fuel filter in the delivery system – or the fuel line. In many cases, the fuel filter is not visible when looking under the hood. A clogged or dirty fuel filter can also restrict the delivery of gas to your car’s engine. Your fuel filter should be checked regularly and changed as required.


HOW TO TELL WHEN FUEL INJECTORS ARE BAD AND COULD BE WASTING MONEY AND GAShow to tell if your car has a bad fuel injector - problems with fuel economy? It could be that your fuel injectors need cleaning!

Does your car ping on acceleration? Does it lack power on acceleration? Is your fuel economy getting worse? It could be a fuel injector – and here’s how to tell if Your car has a bad fuel injector?

A faulty fuel injector will usually result in the vehicle having a misfire on that specific cylinder. There are several ways to check if it is bad, one of them being to remove it and do a flow test on it. This requires hooking it up to a special machine that will simulate the conditions the fuel injector is under when it is installed in the vehicle.


Since you purchased your new vehicle, dirt, varnishes and carbon deposits have been forming on the fuel injectors, valves, combustion chamber, throttle housing and the air induction intake. These build ups can rob your vehicle of performance, and if left untreated, these build ups can lead to costly repairs.
Symptoms related to carbon build up are:

  • engine pinging
  • hesitation
  • poor acceleration
  • lack of power
  • hard starting and stalling
  • rough idle
  • poor fuel economy

The Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association recommends performing Fuel System Cleaning every 15,000 to 18,000 miles.

Cleaning your vehicle’s fuel system and fuel injectors is the best way to help save money on gas and keep your car performing the way it should.

For the best fuel economy and to maintain the proper performance of your vehicle, we strongly recommend a fuel system service and fuel injector cleaning at your 30k, 60k and 90k Services. You can book your auto service appointment on line now! It’s fast and convenient too!

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