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How to Get the Most From Your Car

How to get the most from your car!
Here’s Your Best Preventive Maintenance Check List:

  • Always consult your owner’s manual for schedule of oil filter changes (approx. every 3K to 5K miles)
  • Check all fluid levels – Including brake, power steering, transmission / transaxle, windshield washer and antifreeze.
  • Check tire inflation once / month – Under-inflated tires rob you of fuel efficiency and may wear out quicker than if you just maintain the correct pressures!
  • Keep engine properly tuned-up – Fouled spark plugs can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 30%
  • Lubricate the chassis frequently – This extends the life of the suspension system’s moving parts
  • Check battery cables and posts for corrosion – Clean as needed
  • Check battery fluid level – Fill as needed ( unless maintenance-free )
  • Regularly inspect engine drive belts – serpentine belts
  • Check air filters frequently – At every other oil change. This ensures peak vehicle performance

A well-maintained car also means a safer trip for you and your loved ones. And who can put a price on that?



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